Kajabi Review – Is It Worth the Money in 2021?

Kajabi Review - Is It Worth the Money in 2021? 2

The eLearning industry has become a very lucrative market and is projected to reach profits in the billions of dollars by 2025, tripling the revenue made in 2015 from the industry.

Many people turn to online courses for several reasons, including to learn new skills, to foster a career change, and to earn academic credentials as part of continuing education. Some of the most popular online course niches are computers and technology, arts and crafts, entrepreneurship and business, writing and content creation, education, health and wellness, personal development, career advancement, science, and entertainment. This means that if you have any experience in any of these very wide ranges of fields , you may want to create and sell online courses because there is plenty of opportunities for you to take advantage of right now. Many authors and crafters are creating online courses to help promote their books and YouTube channels. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many doctors, nurses, and other medical experts have created courses to teach people things that can help them stay healthy, such as nutrition, exercise, and the use of vitamins to stay at optimal health and potentially ward off the more serious symptoms of the virus. These are just a few examples of the many types of professionals and others who are creating their own courses to help others while turning a profit.

There are many platforms that you can use to create online courses, including Kajabi. Kajabi is currently being used by over 25,000 course creators, including more familiar ones. Online marketing expert Amy Porterfield, personal development coach Brendan Burchard, and Billy Gene, asocial media marketing guru, all use the Kajabi platform for creating and offering their courses but is it the best platform for you to use for your courses and your business? First of all, let’s explore what Kajabi is and what it offers. The Kajabi platform has been utilized by over 33 million students and has generated more than $650 million in sales thus far but a kajabi review will allow you to decide if it is worth the money to help you create the online courses you want to produce and offer to people through online platforms.

Kajabi is a software program that is used to create a type of one-stop shopping experience for its users who want to sell online courses. Since it is an all-in-one type of platform, users can create, market, distribute, and get paid for their custom classes without having to utilize any other programs. The Kajabi program is not lacking when it comes to the tools and options that are available and here are some of them.

Tools and Options Available Through Kajabi

You can get paid for your courses if using Kajabi through two payment portals, including PayPal and Stripe. You can even market your courses through Kajabi’s email marketing tools because they offer optimization and scaling through fully automated funnels and marketing campaigns. You can also market your courses through a variety of email marketing tools that are provided. The builit-in analytics in the Kajabi software program will allow you to track the progress of your courses and continue to promote further growth of your online courses.

Kajabi also allows you to create your own website. This makes it simple for you to store all of your online courses in one place, along with other important information about you and your business, so that people can find all of the information about you and your courses in one convenient place. There is a library of ready-made themes that you can choose from while creating your website and Kajabi allows you to even create your own customized domain name so that people can find you, your courses, and your business quite easily.

While the Kajabi program puts a large emphasis on marketing tools for your courses, it also offers you plenty of tools to create your courses from scratch. Each of the Kajabi plans that are available offer a course creation tool that will allow you to create and upload videos and other forms of digital educational content along with creating your classes for each of your topics. Kajabi also offers product launch tools for your course along with lead generation. You can also utilize webinar funnels through the “Blueprint” section of the software program that helps make selling your courses even more easy and efficient to do. This takes a lot of the guesswork out for you so you can create effective marketing campaigns through efficient automation. This will make your life much easier.

What Sets Kajabi Apart from Other Providers of Online Course Creation?

There are two main features that Kajabi offers that set it apart from other platforms. The first one is the fact that it is an all in one platform which makes it very convenient because there is no need for any third-party tools. The other feature that said Kajabi apart from other platforms is that it has a main focus on marketing tools and sales. These include the built-in email management system, marketing automation, in a sales fun builder.

Kajabi Pricing Compared to Other Platforms for Course Creation

Kajabi Review - Is It Worth the Money in 2021? 3

When it comes to pricing, Kajabi offers three options with the first being the basic plan. This plan allows you to have a total of three products and three pipelines. You can use an unlimited number of marketing emails and landing pages but they are limited to 10,000 contacts and 1,000 active members, as well as one single website admin user. This plan is $149 per month but you do have the option of annual billing which would get you a discount of only paying 119 per month for the basic plan. You will have access to the Kajabi University, plenty of premade templates, key automation, webinars, Ann more.

The next plan that Kajabi offers is the most popular one and it is called the Growth Plan. This plan allows you to utilize more products and pipelines, up to 15 of them to be exact. You can gain up to 10,000 active members and 25,000 contacts. You are still only granted one website but you are allowed to have up to 10 admin users which is nine more than the basic plan gives you. This plan will cost you $199 a month, or $159 a month if paid through an annual subscription. You will get 24 hours per day, seven days per week, chat support, the ability to remove the Kajabi name from your domain, and you will receive advanced automation for your site.

The most advanced plan is the Pro Plan. With this plan, you can access up to one hundred pipelines and products, you can have 20,000 active members at one time and 100,000 contacts, and you get three websites instead of one. You can also add in 25 admin members for access to the site. The Pro Plan also offers integrated email, a sales funnel builder, marketing automation, and affiliate tools to help you sell your courses but will cost you $399 per month unless you sign up for annual billing, then it is $319 per month for the Pro Plan.

Pros of the Kajabi Platform

There are many pros of the Kajabi content management tool including the fact that it is very user-friendly. It’s easy to use and there’s plenty of options and tutorials to help you, even if you are a novice when it comes to these types of platforms. The webinars in Kajabi will also help you to have a more user-friendly experience with Kajabi.

Kajabi also provides you with many customizable themes. This helps you to create attractive course sites as well as an amazing website. For someone who’s tried to figure out the different themes on WordPress and other website creators, Kajabi makes it much more simplified to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Kajabi is very well integrated and offers a ton of great features, including email optimization and pipelines. Their customer service is also great and available 24 hours per day, seven days per week which is extremely important when you run into an issue

Kajabi also allows you to market your courses easily online and on social media platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. This is important for getting the word out about your courses and for attracting new people to your Kajabi website where they can sign up and pay for your courses which in turn, makes you money. This is always a good thing.

Kajabi offers plenty of out of the box functionality and provides you with seamless integration with stripe. It also allows you to offer one time subscriptions or reoccurring ones which is convenient and attractive for potential customers of your online courses.

Kajabi will provide you with monthly updates to be able to edit to improve and expand the functionality of the Kajabi platform. The platform’s lead generation pipelines especially will help you go from landing pages to opt-in engagement and to complete the sale, which is extremely important to your growing online course business. The bottom line is you want to use any kind of program that’s going to help you make money quicker and easier and this is one way to do that.

The Kajabi platform provides you with amazing email marketing tools which are also great for attracting new customers and updating continuing customers with the latest courses that you are offering for them. You also get in-depth reports that are very important to help you plan future courses because you can see which ones are selling the most and the easiest in which ones that aren’t doing as well in the marketplace. Kajabi also offers plenty of affiliate programs that can also make you money in the long run and offer extra tools for your customers. The platform’s collaboration with third-party services, such as MailChimp and PayPal, is very important not only for you and your business but for your students and potential ones. These are trusted payment sites that people use often Anne will use to sign up for your courses. Also, Kajabi’s cost-effective tool will save you tons of time and as a business owner, you love and enjoy any tool that will save you time because time is money.

A wonderful part of the Kajabi platform is that you can connect with your students through the built-in community platform which is very much like a forum. This is important so that you can stay in contact with your students and they can ask you questions and give you feedback. You can even use this as an upsell tool because you can charge for their access to the forum. Kajabi also offers you payment options for your students, including a monthly payment plan for your more expensive courses. You can also offer a monthly recurring subscription so your students can opt to purchase a course membership which will allow them to take as many courses as they want per billing cycle. Most course creators opt for a yearly subscription to be offered to their students so they don’t have to worry about paying for something on a monthly basis.

The Kajabi marketplace offers a way for users to discover your course organically which is a definite plus in obtaining new students and for your students to find new courses that you have created easily and much more efficiently.

The Cons of the Kajabi Program

The fact that the Kajabi program limits your rich text emails is not a good thing. Also, there are no tools available to create certificates within the Kajabi program which means you have to do that on your own then send out the certificates of course completion to your students which takes more time and effort on your part, and again, time is money.

The fact that assessment customization is limited and you need coding skills and editing skills to be able to post photos using this tool is not conducive for a lot of course creations. Most of us do not have experience with coding so we want and need a program that will do all of that for us.

The Kajabi program is much more expensive to use than other ones on the market and many business owners do not have that much extra cash flow to put into a program like Kajabi, even if they want to. The Growth Plan seems to be the best one for the money and is more economical in the long run. Unfortunately, Kajabi does not offer a free option and the Kajabi course marketplace is smaller and does not offer as many search functions for students. It only offers a category filter.

Is Kajabi Worth the Extra Cost?

The Kajabi program offers several extra functions that other programs do not make available. Most providers only offer one of the many extra functions that Kajabi offers and none of them provide a sales funnel builder. This means that if you go with another provider, you will have to pay for each of these features separately and purchase them from a third party. You will then have to integrate them into your course platform which can be very time-consuming and simply put, a huge headache. It is worth the extra money to have the Kajabi platform available to do all that for you.

The Kajabi’s built-in sales funnel software, known as the Sales Pipeline Builder, allows you to create several types of marketing funnels to help drive your customer sales. The marketing automation that Kajabi provides will allow you to trigger emails or course offers. This means you will be notified when someone completes a course or they go inactive so you can then touch base with them. Since you can customize the look and feel of your website and course sites, it becomes an extension of your business. This is important for attracting new customers and keeping the ones you already have in your customer base. You can get a custom domain even though Kajabi is the host of your courses. This means you can set the domain to appear as if it is your own website.

Overall Review of Kajabi

Kajabi Review - Is It Worth the Money in 2021? 4

Overall, Kajabi does seem to be the Cadillac of all online course platforms but that does come at a price. The two main price plans that are offered by Kajabi, including the basic plan at $149 per month and the growth plan at $199 per month, are more expensive than competitors’ prices that range from $49 to about $100 per month.

When it comes to learning management systems, the Kajabi platform is a very important one because it is the most integrated online course platform that is available at this time in today’s market. If you have been using a third-party website to run your entire business you should probably reconsider continuing to do that.

Overall, the Kajabi platform seems to be the best one available since it offers nearly everything in one convenient place. It is a great content management tool and provides you with everything you need for the price that you have to pay. When it comes to digital marketing Kajabi seems to be one of the best tools on the market especially for the novice because it enables newcomers to grow their E-Commerce business and manage their content and a more simplified and central platform.

Especially from a novice’s point of view, the Kajobi platform appears to be the easiest to use so that you can start creating online courses and selling them to customers quickly and efficiently. With this tool, you will be well on your way to being a course creator which can lead to a better life for you as a business owner. The marketing features are so great that this tool alone may be the reason you should decide to use Kajabi over other platforms. It is so much easier to manage your funnels and automate your tasks, which saves you time and money. Kajabi also allows you to do top-notch email marketing, sell the online courses you have created, and to build an amazing email list that will keep you in touch with your customers on a regular basis. All of this is very important to growing your business and to become a very successful course creator with tons of customers.

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