Here’s My Story

Anthony Miller

My name is Anthony Miller, and I’ve seen the dark side of startups.

I’ve seen them fail.

I’ve been there when the would-be CEO shuts everything down, spends his last bit of cash on a round of drinks, and throws in the towel.

That’s not success.

Not everything is going to work, but if that’s the case, you pour yourself into the next idea.

Startups are hard, but my goal here is to make your venture into your own startup a little bit easier.

For years, I joined the ranks as a copywriter on a ton of startups all over California.

Some took off, and some didn’t, but you know what I learned?

A lot.

I want to share some industry knowledge with you from behind the scenes. I want to help you find the best ways to stay productive and keep your eyes on the prize.

I want you to have a successful startup like I have, but without all the trial and error, and without having to take the hard road.

Nobody mapped this stuff out for me; it came from a lot of experience.

Now I pass my experience on to you, so you can make better decisions, run with better knowledge and more efficient methods of managing your startup, and focus on what really matters: bringing that idea of yours to life.