10 Innovative Education Business Ideas to Start in 2021

10 Innovative Education Business Ideas to Start in 2021 2

Education is a big part of humanity. There has been constant stress on both students and working adults’ importance to improve their education and skill levels in the last 10 years more than ever. This has brought about the need for the growth of innovative education ideas. The demand for better education and various skills has created enormous business opportunities in the education sector. Here, an intelligent entrepreneur can start an innovative and unique business, earn good money, and better the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people along the way. There has also been a sudden rise in queries about education business ideas among investors and students alike.

You may be wondering why you should start an education-related business in the first place. The simple truth is that the education industry is very satisfying in itself. You will take pride in knowing that you help students, children, and teachers improve education quality. These businesses can also be very lucrative and some don’t require much capital to begin. Other industries require several years and lots of hard work before you get considered for a promotion. However, to set up a successful education business in the education sector, all you need is accreditation and approved infrastructure. 

The good news is that there’s a ton of investment opportunities in the education industry. And any serious entrepreneur who knows the value for their investment can make some good money in it. If you are a highly imaginative and creative business person, here’re a few education business ideas to help you create your own highly marketable business concept in the education sector.

1. Start a Daycare and Preschool

10 Innovative Education Business Ideas to Start in 2021 3

If you love caring for children or spending your day singing “the bus goes round and round,” then opening a crèche and pre-school might be just the thing for you. If you’re considering starting a business in the education industry, this might be it. To run a successful crèche, you’ll need to have a clear plan, know your clientele base and location well. You’ll also need to be very careful with how you manage the starting process.

Your primary clients will be busy parents, nursing mothers, and working-class professionals with children who’re still too young for school. For your crèche to be successful, you’ll need to be very careful with how you manage the starting process. The location of your start-up is also a significant factor. You must find a place near your clientele base. While it may be challenging, working mothers, especially nursing ones, prefer that the daycare center is near their workplaces. Child care software is also a valuable asset to help you organize your operations and remain professional.

2. Start Teaching Languages

According to the Behavioral Sciences Department at Palomar College, there are currently more than 6,000 languages spoken worldwide, with 200 garnering over a million native speakers.  Starting a language school is one of the most lucrative and profitable businesses in the education industry for any aspiring entrepreneur. In the past, the education sector’s language barrier proved quite challenging for students, teachers, and other stakeholders in different capacities. Teaching the various languages to different people plays a crucial role in bringing people with the same goals together by reducing language barriers. With a teaching credential, passion for languages, and a desire to encourage cultural diversification, teaching languages can greatly reward endeavor.

If you currently speak and write fluently two, three, or more international languages (Chinese, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, English, etc.), it’s possible to start teaching people foreign languages. You’ll first need to know your target market and get a location where you can easily attract clients with a need to learn a new language. Do you hope to teach children or adults? For children learners, they’ll need to have special requirements such as health and security. For instance, adult learners have to recognize that there will be those learning for leisure, while others will be learning for career purposes.

3. Start Manufacturing Stationery

Stationery manufacturing can be highly profitable because the entire education industry uses almost every type of stationery out there, including rulers, pencils, notebooks, pens, crayons, erasers, compass, sharpeners, staplers, rulers, boards, notepads, etc. These are essentials that are commonly used by teachers and students alike. Therefore, the stationery manufacturing business rightfully earns the right to be classified as an excellent education business idea.

However, a stationery manufacturing business is extensive. Thus, you’ll first need to come up with your target audience before making any investment. A school can decide to order custom printed merchandise for customization purposes, professional correspondence, or an event; you should be ready to deliver. You need to be clear from the onset – the business plan, the outline of your customer base and products, pricing, marketing, and selling strategies. If you are looking for a business idea to venture into the education industry, stationery manufacturing and distribution is one of the safest since it provides for a large customer base.

4. Start Online Tutoring

10 Innovative Education Business Ideas to Start in 2021 4

If you’re looking for an affordable education business idea, tutoring is worth giving a shot. Whether in high school, college, or university, all students undergo an increasing pressure to perform. In addition to the regular coursework in the classroom, students need additional instruction through tutoring lessons. These lessons help students to understand concepts fully and help them grow academically. Students at all levels of education require tutoring, from primary to university, and on diverse topics.

In addition to tutoring, tutors can also help students prepare for their GRE or SATs. You don’t need to obtain a teaching degree or any certification to be a tutor. If you’re passionate about teaching, have enough knowledge and experience in a particular subject, and explain the concept in a way that others can learn. You can start offering online tutoring sessions for students.

One on one tutoring can be conducted at the student’s home, tutor’s home, school library, or in another convenient location for both parties. Nonetheless, it’s not possible for all students to go to their tutor’s teaching center or for the tutor to visit each student at their home. That’s where online tutoring comes into play. The internet makes it possible for tutors to expand their client base through efficient virtual tutoring of clients who live outside their location. Classes can be conducted via online tests, video conferencing, or sharing lesson plans. For pricing, you can opt for hourly rates or monthly charges depending on a student’s requirements.

5. Sell Online Courses

Given the current fast-paced tech and digital dynamics, many working professionals feel challenged and unprepared to work in modern workplaces. Instead of equipping their workers with the necessary techniques and skills needed to be productive in their job places, most companies look to higher fresh graduates who are already knowledgeable and skilled digitally for the new positions. It has made older working professionals look for other avenues to keep up with changing trends in the working place. These avenues include furthering their education or supplementing their experience with fresh skills from informative online courses.

Online education is the norm, and working adults looking to learn new skills find it convenient since they can take some of their after-work time to learn the new skills and be equipped for the ideal job promotions. If you’re an expert in a specific field, create an informative and useful online course to help your target audience grow their expertise and other necessary skills. However, you should note that your courses will remain competitive in the market if they are uniquely composed and provide invaluable information to the target audience. To be successful, start by first checking out your competition and see what they are offering. You could learn a thing or two that can improve your content, making it indispensable.

6. Manufacture or Source Educational Toys

It’s been scientifically proven that learning new things through play is quite effective. As we make educational advancements, many people find out that educational toys, dubbed smart toys, play a fundamental role in children’s development. They are known as smart toys, not because of artificial intelligence, but because it contributes to their social, well-being, and intellectual development when children play with them.  

If recent studies are anything to go by, there is an overwhelming demand globally for high-quality educational toys for children of all ages. Parents are continuously on the lookout for new educational toys for all children. These toys help parents create a fun learning environment for their children without children while at home. Sometimes these children don’t even realize that they are learning since they see it as just playing. You can either opt to manufacture or source educational toys, including machines, books, electronic devices, games, etc.

Educational toys help children to develop their speech skills, intellect, socially and psychologically. You can indeed manufacture, source, and sell them all over the world. For your products to stand out, create customized toys, and refrain from duplicating toys already in the market. However, before you venture into the investment part, ensure that you do your homework well enough. Study your competition to ensure that your products are unique and that they stand out from the crowd.

7. Provide Teachers’ Resources Online

Online access to teachers’ resources has triggered a revolution in the education system, from elementary to higher learning institutions. These resources have become an invaluable asset to educators and teachers alike. This development has given birth to a new model of knowledge sharing among instructors. Students are usually quick to keep up with new learning resources and digital advancements. This begs the question, are teachers keeping up with the changes?

To keep up with new advancements, teachers must find ways to keep up with students’ ever-changing needs. They must learn to update their techniques and methodologies regularly. This is to keep the education system healthy, which requires lots of support from all stakeholders. Most teachers who’ve been teaching for decades find it daunting to conform to new technological advances and educational changes. They also find it challenging to prepare lesson plans and additional teaching aids on the computer.

Starting a teachers’ resources online business whereby you offer help for lesson planning can go a long way into improving education and people’s careers. The platform can also provide additional practical tips to help improve a teacher’s teaching practice. The teaching resources allow teachers to upgrade their teaching techniques according to current technology modes and the education system. The platform can also provide communication channels where various instructors can exchange ideas and find workable solutions for common student problems.


The education sector has a lot to offer for entrepreneurs. These ideas above are just the touching on the surface of what is really possible. Leave a comment in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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