10 Dropshipping Tools for Boosting Your Store Revenue

10 Dropshipping Tools for Boosting Your Store Revenue 2

However challenging your store operations maybe, you’ll achieve success quickly if you have the right type of tools. If you run an eCommerce business, you need to be able to juggle lots of different tasks at the same time to keep up with the competition and stay profitable. 

There are a number of dropshipping tools that can help you achieve this. For example, you can invest in a dropshipping tool for market research and track prices and stocks for hot-selling products.

10 Dropshipping Tools for Boosting Your Store Revenue 3

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment process that permits an e-commerce business to sell products and services without maintaining or storing stock. Instead, whenever a store sells goods, it passes on the sales order to a third-party supplier, who then ships the order to the customer. 

The retail store doesn’t directly handle the product.  

Various dropshipping tools help in business automation, improving results, marketing and research, redeeming the time, saving money, and much more. 

You should have full knowledge of the operations of an eCommerce platform concerning dropshipping, its benefits, and limitations. It’s essential that you know and learn more of the ideal tools to use in dropshipping.

10 Dropshipping Tools for Boosting Your Store Revenue 4

The following are 10 tools eCommerce platforms can utilize to seamlessly perform dropshipping operations:

1. AliDropship

AliDropship connects you with dealers, and there are no monthly dues. You make a one time payment of $89 for a lifetime subscription. AliDropship can help you set a website for $299 – a one-time price, which makes it a feasible alternative to Shopify. Though you will need to pay for your monthly hosting, this option is easy and fast when starting a dropshipping business from nothing. 

AliDropship is worth considering for vendors looking for a convenient and quick way to start a dropshipping business. 

2. SaleHoo

SaleHoo is an important dropshipping tool and a wholesale company directory for a marketing study. Its prices are affordable, and it makes it easy for online stores to settle for epitome suppliers. 

You need only $67 to access the full annual directory plan or opt for a lifetime plan, which costs $127. You can also upgrade to full automation and acquire lifetime access to the SaleHoo education program for $47. 

3. Chili-Hunter

This is a handy market investigation tool, best used when dropshipping through eBay. If you resolve to find the most profitable products to sell, learn new trends, or get insights into your business competitors and store performance; use the Chili-Hunter tool. 

One of the highlights of this research tool is that it comes in a simple plan that provides essential information to maximize your revenues. You can opt for a $39.99 monthly membership fee or $16.66/Mo yearly.

Chili-Hunter is a scalable tool that helps you find the best products to boost your dropshipping business. 

4. Zapier

Do you have many apps in operation for your business and wondering how to manage them all? Zapier comes to your rescue. With Zapier, you automate various apps, hence reducing manual operations. 

When you get an order on Shopify, Zapier instructs MailChimp to add the client to your monthly information sheet, then creates an invoice for you through Invoice Ninja. Zapier is among the most promising dropshipping tools worth trying since it allows you to create 5 “zaps” for free, lifetime. 

5. Canva  

Canva is an image editing tool that customizes image dimensions and adds special effects and colors to them. Images boost your dropshipping business’ overall value for product listings. It’s vital to customize your images for a unique and impressive appearance and to ensure that it meets the set standard.

If you lack graphic design apparatuses, It is recommended that you use Canva. It will help you add text to your images, including different offers, call-to-action lines, and a bunch of selections from various font styles. This tool has 8,000 templates you can choose from to work on. Canva also enables you to customize images for your business logos. 

6. AutoDS Helper and AutoDS Item Grabber

This is a popular dropshipping platform for creating essential browser extensions that make various business tasks easier for the owners and staff. AutoDS Helper is smooth in placing customers’ orders to the dealer’s sites. 

The tool is a flawless option compared to manually placing orders, which is prone to errors when transferring customer’s information. The browser extension is compatible with popular supplier platforms such as Walmart, Costco, Amazon, AliExpress, Home Depot, etc. 

AutoDS Grabber helps you to extract several products from popular suppliers’ sites just by a single click. You are supposed to visit a dealer’s website and examine the categories and products you desire to grab items from. Using the Item Grabber browser extension, extract and export the product as a CSV file. This will save you much effort and time. 

7. Camelcamelcamel/Keepa

You can generate a lot of revenue when you dropship with Amazon and eBay. However, be aware of the unpredictable fluctuations in product pricing and stock availability. Camelcamelcamel is a fantastic tool that helps in product real-time tracking and their prices as they are presented on Amazon or eBay.

Its ‘Sal Rank’ tab and ‘Price History’ offer terrific insights into price fluctuations and the products attracting the highest sales all year round. This info will help you decide what item is most profitable for sale. Also, it informs you when Amazon targeted products drop so you can organize your strategy well. 

Keepa allows you to monitor over 700 million products that feature on Amazon and eBay. It gives you access to daily listings of targeted item categories, and it also helps in issuing price drop alerts and product availability. This enables you to track products’ international prices and be informed which locations attract higher revenues. 

Camelcamelcamel and Keepa are both compatible as extensions for common browsers to give eCommerce platforms easy accessibility.  

8. Google Trends

This is a free market research tool that helps find the most trending product niches searched online. With goggle trends, you are sure to get valuable insights on exploration volumes to get great sale potential niches. 

This tool helps assess competition in all the trending niches and researches on essential keyword niches to enhance your marketing campaigns. 

Google trends also offer vital information on state (region, country, or city) product niches. If you want to market selected products, Google trends is the recommended tool to help you decide the most promising time to publish certain ads on your platform. 

Google trends will help you spot seasonal tendencies so you can cash on the items that attract high sales seasonally. 

9. Google Keyword Planner

Want to extract information about any trending keyword from the search engine Google? Goggle Keyword Planner is the tool to use to obtain satisfactory results. What you need to do is to feed a search item towards this tool and it consequently gives the following information:

  • Regular monthly searches
  • Related keywords
  • Competition for the search item, etc.

Check the keyword that appears most on the searched items, then pick the most suitable one for your eBay or Amazon listings title optimization. 

Does it help? Yes. By targeting high-trending keyword titles, you improve your search engine listings visibility. And you know what? This means more visibility, more conversion chances, and better traffic flow to your landing pages.  

Goggle Keyword Planner also helps in niche visibility testing, observing the competition, and monitoring seasonal trends. 

10. Title Builder

When creating title product listings for your online platform, optimizing them with the correct keyword is essential. Title builder is designed for online retail stores and e-commerce sites to help in doing just that.

It plays a significant role in streamlining dropshipping for marketplaces such as eBay. Feed this tool with the item name you want to sell, and it would give you many trending keywords for your title utilization. 

This would give your item title higher chances for search engine results visibility and improved rankings. Title Builder also helps evaluate how catchy your title is and the desired title length, with every character adding value. To make your title more useful, you can discard any unwanted words. 

Oberlo assists buyers take automatic actions when supplier stock hits zero. Whenever a product isn’t available in stock, you may unpublish the product automatically by setting the amount to zero, or you may keep it published.

10 Dropshipping Tools for Boosting Your Store Revenue 5

What Are Some Common Questions About Dropshipping?

Most people are eager to know what dropshipping is all about and which steps are necessary for setting a profitable retail store using dropshipping tools.  

Here are some common questions people ask about dropshipping, and how it works:

How Much Do I Need As An Investment For A Store Business?

To get the actual cost for running a store that sells products and services online, you’ll need to find the prices of various tools for setting up the business, The following showcases the essentials in tools and pricing for investing in an eCommerce business.

Online Store

To form and host your store online, you’ll need a website builder or an e-commerce platform. We would recommend a Shopify store. 

Domain Name

Without a business domain name, it would be hard to build trust with clients. There are various domains available, such as (example.co, example.shop), but it’s recommended that you look for a .com that suits your brand if any is available. 

Online Advertising

An e-commerce business needs to acquire a strategy for attracting customers via organic channels such as SEO, word of mouth, content marketing, and visuals marketing. You should use an advertising method that most suits your business, based on the products and services you sell. The most popular channels include:

  • Display Ads
  • Mobile Ads 
  • Social Media Ads  
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 
  • Content Marketing

Test Orders

Although you have minimal involvement in the handling of products in a dropshipping business, it’s essential to set aside some money to test out products you are involved in selling. Failure to do so, you risk listing an item with a lot of defects or shortcomings. As a result, you’ll spend more time dealing with returns, and consequently, you risk losing customers.  

Is Dropshipping A Genuine Business?

Many global merchants are involved in dropshipping in their operations. The objective is to build a resounding brand with the right audience and to satisfy clients’ expectations. This is key to long-term success accomplishment. 

The question of whether or not dropshipping is legitimate in a store business comes up is because many people don’t understand how dropshipping works. 

The majority of retail stores customers shop from aren’t storing the products they sell. Dropshipping is therefore a favorable approach that turns an eCommerce platform into a model fulfillment for online businesses. 

However, you must run your business legally. Ensure you seek the services of a lawyer who is a specialist in the field you want to venture into to ensure your business meets all legal requirements in your region. 

How Do Dropshippers Make Money?

Dropshipping businesses’ task is to choose ideal products and market them to potential customers. You save potential consumers’ time and money by helping them find, assess, and purchase the right product. 

Whenever a shipping or product issue arises, you are required to provide customer support. You are also required to consider your supplier’s original price of the product. 

To benefit from an eCommerce business with the help of dropshipping tools, it’s always important to first consider the cost of acquiring a product from a supplier and your selling price to the customer.

Is Dropshipping Worth Starting Right Away?

It helps to understand that better preparation and determination will help you on your road to success. Like any other business, you need to be better prepared in the daily operations of your store in dropshipping. 

Be equipped with all that it takes, then make a move. Determination and commitment are the fundamental principles here. With the right tools for the business, success is guaranteed. What will remain is input for hard work.

What Are The Benefits Of Dropshipping?

10 Dropshipping Tools for Boosting Your Store Revenue 6

Flexible Location

First things first you have to invest in a fast and reliable internet connection. Provided you can reach your customers and suppliers through online communication, running and managing your eCommerce platform will be easy. 

No matter where you are located around the world, it will be quick to tap into a wide selection of high-quality products from suppliers all over the world while working at the comfort of your seat.

Easy To Get Started

It becomes much easy to run an e-commerce business when you can seamlessly manage to obtain physical products. Dropshipping flawlessly enables this with:

  • Shipment and packaging of orders 
  • Ordering of products continually and stock level management 
  • Inventory tracking for accounting purposes 
  • Paying or managing a warehouse 
  • Inbound shipments and returns handling

Easier To Test

With dropshipping, you can launch a store for business owners who desire to test their customer’s appetite for additional item categories, such as wholly brand product lines or accessories. 

Dropshipping also allows you to list and potentially vend goods before you commit to purchasing large inventory quantities. 

Very Little Capital Is Needed

With dropshipping, you can launch an e-commerce store with very little required in investment capital. You don’t have to stress yourself looking for thousands of dollars for inventory buying. With relatively little investment, you can come up with an outline for the inventory of online stock. 

Dropshipping lowers start-up expenses, which allows e-commerce stores to deliver a wide range of items to customers. The dropshipping model’s importance is that you don’t need to buy a product if you haven’t made any sale or received payment from the customer. 

There is minimal risk in setting a dropshipping store since you aren’t committed to selling through any inventory acquired upfront, like in conventional trade businesses. 

Easier To Scale

In a traditional trade business model, receiving the order number thrice means that you have to do three times as much work. However, by leveraging with suppliers using dropshipping, most work will be performed by them, which allows your eCommerce platform to grow with little investment in staff or physical property. 

Sales growth always calls for extra effort input, for example in customer support; however, businesses that practice dropshipping scale utilization tackle this obstacle so well in comparison to conventional brick-and-mortar stores.  

Disadvantages of Dropshipping

If you intend to start an online store or expand existing product offerings, the benefits mentioned above will make dropshipping an attractive model for you. Nevertheless, dropshipping, too, has its downsides. Let’s look at its shortcomings:

Shipping Complexities

Most dropshippers work with multiple suppliers. Therefore, most online store products are sourced from various manufacturers. As a result, this may complicate delivery costs. 

For example, a customer places an order for four items, and they are available from different suppliers. You’ll incur the four separate shipping costs for sending every item to the customer. But, it’s wise to avoid passing this cost along to the buyer. 

Inventory Issues

By stocking all your products inventory online, it makes it easy to keep track of items in and out of stock. But inventory changes every day if you are sourcing from multiple storerooms, receiving and fulfilling orders from different suppliers.

Even though the technology is keeping up by connecting eCommerce stores with suppliers through apps, inventory issues may arise when apps crash or because of computer virus attacks. 

Limited Branding and Customization

Dropshipping doesn’t offer you much control over the product itself; unlike print-on-demand or custom-made products, where the dropshipped product is branded and designed by the supplier. 

A few dealers may accommodate your business product changes; however, the dealer has more control over the product. In case of any additions or changes to the product itself, a minimum order quantity is required to make it affordable and viable for the manufacturer.   

Supplier Errors

Nothing feels terrible like being blamed for something that wasn’t your fault! It pains, even more, when you are forced to accept the responsibility for a mistake that is not your fault. Consequently, even the most committed dropshipping suppliers can make mistakes when fulfilling orders. 

An eCommerce store should apologize and take responsibility accordingly—it’s good for business. Low-quality products and mediocre are frustrating to online retail shops, including low-quality packaging and missing items, as this likely leads to the return of products or cancellation of services.

Online retail stores can be challenging to run if you lack the right information on how it works. However, before you start to invest in it, it’s essential to learn what it’s all about, what you need for a start, the advantages and disadvantages of the various tools for the operation.

Consider the above-discussed dropshipping tools to help boost your store revenue. Although some of these tools may be costly, their use may help you conquer one of the most drawbacks in running an eCommerce platform – difficulties in establishing your brand. 

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